Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009


We just got back from Storyland in Glen,NH. It was a great trip, the kids had a blast and they didn't seem to mind to 3 and 1/2 hr car trip. We stayed at a hotel with an indoor waterpark, so much fun! We had one "incident", when Hannah took off to the next ride without us. She was only out of our sight for about 3 minutes, but I was in PANIC mode for the entire time. I wasn't sure if I was going to get angry with her or cry when we found her...RRRRR! Needless to say, she had to skip that ride while the other kids went on. (Time out in the middle of a theme park is not that easy!) The rest of the trip was just amazing, we had lots of family time, lots of yummy food and some wonderful memories!
Pictures are coming soon!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm here!

I am back! I have missed blogging.
We are all doing pretty well. One day at a time is about all I can handle right now, but I am getting through.
We have 2 vacations coming up in the next few weeks and I am really looking forward to them. Hannah graduates from Preschool this week and our good friends are getting married. We are certainly keeping busy.
I hope to be back into my daily blogging ways soon.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I need to talk, I need to share what I have been going through this past week. Right now I am so thankful to have this blog as an outlet.

Last Monday my dad died. His death was a SHOCK to say the least. It was devastating and the most traumatic experience I have ever had to deal with.
My dad and I were very close,we spent alot of time together each day, my children ADORED him. My 2 younger sisters still live at home, they are 20 and 14. My stepmother had been married to him for 24 years.

Life seemed great for all of us until Monday morning.

We got a call that my dad was not at work, he was not answering his cell phone and it had been 2 hours since he left for work. I must have called his cell about 25 times in a one hour period.
No Answer.
To make a very painful story short, my uncle came to the house at 8:00AM on Monday morning and told us that my dad had jumped off of a bridge. He took his own life. He was gone. No warning, no signs,no good-byes. Complete SHOCK.
None of this will ever make sense, it will never be better and I am certain I will NEVER get over this completely.
I will talk more later, right now I am just asking for your prayers.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

my dad

We lost my dad this past Monday.
Today we laid him to rest.
He was 53 years old.
His death was senseless.
His death was sudden and a complete shock.
He left behind a wife, 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren.
This is all I can share for now.
Please keep my family in your prayers.

Monday, May 18, 2009

my dad died today...i will be away for a whle

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My little sunshine

She surprised me with this. (with a little help from her uncle, my "little" bro)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My terrible horrible no good very bad day!

(Ever read that book to your children? It's a good one!)

Do you ever have a day that just cannot end soon enough? Today is THAT DAY!

3AM: Camden wakes up screaming,"Momma,my ear!"I go into his room to find him burning up and crying in pain. We spend the next 3 hours with him, trying to calm him and settle him down.

6AM: We decide that we all might as well get up, we've been awake for hours! I go to brush my teeth &realize my toothbrush is in the trash bin. GROSS! Hannah claims she had nothing to do with it, I am not so sure. The only extra new toothbrush I can find is a baby toothbrush, so I use it.

The next few hours are a blur of crying toddlers and a cranky preschooler who thinks she isn't getting enough attention!

11:30AM: At the doctor...Camden has a double ear infection. His 3rd ear infection in 5 months.I know it isn't my fault,but I feel so bad!

I know that the pharmacy is very slow so I decide to wait to pick up antibiotics.
Camden is so sick all afternoon, he wants to be held, then wants to be left alone, he's thirsty, he's not...ugh!

4 hours later...I go to pick up the meds and guess what? They still aren't ready! OMG I wanted scream!!! 45 minutes later we left the store with our meds...too bad I forgot to buy myself a toothbrush!

6 PM:I make the kids mac and cheese,b/c it's what they want and I am in no mood to argue with a sick 2 year old and a PMSing 4 year old. I turn around from the table to answer the phone and when I return...Hannah has the macaroni mushed into her glasses!!!
She is seriously this jealous when Cam is sick..anything for attention!

6:30PM: Hannah shows me her glasses,they have a chip in them,WTH!!!! We just got these new lenses on Saturday!

I am so DONE with this day!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Finally...I remembered Not Me Monday!

If you don't know about it, go check it out at Mckmama's blog!

Here is my list...of things I "DID NOT" do!
*I did not let my children eat 3 popsicles,cake and an ice cream cone all within 2 hours of each other yesterday. This was NOT a huge mistake! They certainly did not have a sugar high followed by major sugar meltdowns! NOPE NOT US!

*I did not secretly wish I would get the 2 beads for my Pandora bracelet that I wanted for Mothers Day. (To my pleasant suprise I DID get them...for real!

*Camden did not spend 20 minutes playing in a sandbox they had set in in Old Navy on Saturday. I did not need a break from his two year old ways for a few minutes!

*I didn't forget that I was supposed to return movies on Saturday, it is now Monday and I do not owe 2 days worth of late fees on 2 really bad movies!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Family Night

Well,now that I am over the trauma of my husband chopping off Camden's gorgeous baby curls,(see post below), I can focus on our family time tonight. Things have been so crazy the last few weeks and I really wanted to spend some time as a family, just hanging out at home. So tonight we have having pizza and movie night. Not only are we going to eat piza for dinner....we are going to have a picnic in the living room! (Now I know you are jealous!)
I went to movie store to find a family movie and this is what I got:
hotel for dogs Pictures, Images and Photos
I hope this doesn't feed into the whole "we want a dog" phase my children are in. Sorry kids, it's NOT going to happen!
I am really looking forward to some family time. There is nothing better than snuggling up with pillows and blankets and watching a movie together!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sick in bed.

Tissues? CHECK
Chapstick? CHECK
Orange Juice? CHECK
Chicken Noodle Soup? CHECK
Cough Drops? CHECK
My cozy bed? CHECK
An empty seat at the Red Sox game tonight b/c I am sick in bed? CHECK GRRRRRRRR!!!

Hopefully things will be looking up by tomorrow!

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Little Ballerina

Hannah did an amazing job at her recital! We were so proud of her. Her dance was the LAST one of the show. She was dancing at 9 o'clock at night. (The girl is usually asleep at 7:30!) And...yes,that is a huge scratch on her nose. I picked her up from preschool Friday and the teacher told me another child had scratched her. NICE!
Here a some pictures from her weekend! I also have some videos to post...maybe tomorrow!


A day to RELAX!

3 Recitals and a VERY sick 2 year old this weekend. It was a long one! We are using today as a regrouping day. Hannah did an amazing job at her recitals! I will be back with pictures tonight~

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I will most likely be disappearing for a few days. We've got LOTS going on this weekend. Hannah has her dance recital/show. For me this means dress rehearsal tonight, a show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For Hannah this means being overtired for the next 4 days. ButI am sure she will be the cutest little ballerina on the stage! :)
Wish us luck and I will return with pictures as soon as I can!
LITTLE BALLERINA Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The silly things they say.

Every morning we make a trip to Dunkin' Donuts for coffee before we do drops offs to daycare and/or Preschool. The kids know the routine and on the rare occasion that we don't stop, they complain. Today as we waited in the VERY LONG LINE at the drive through Hannah started asking a million questions. "Mommy, why do you need coffee everyday?", "Mommy, why are the clouds white?","Mommy, why does that man have a donut, I thought you said they didn't have donuts today?" (ok,I lied to her, sorry!)
We have to drive by the "CreeMee" everyday on our way home from school. (the creemee is a soft serve ice cream stand....the best soft serve ever!) Camden was saying, "We go there?" "We go to get ice cream?" I told him we couldn't stop because it was too busy today. His response? "I not busy today mommy. I get ice cream"
When I dropped Hannah off at school today she went and picked up a stethoscope that they had out for them to use. She put it up to my stomach and said,"I hear a baby in there!" The teacher and I just looked at each other and laughed. She wishes!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My future's so bright,I need sunglasses!

Camden got new sunglasses a few weeks ago. He refused to wear them! Then all of a sudden today he put them on.Now he cannot get enough of them!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

She's writing sentences!

Hannah has been amazing us lately with her reading and writing. Tonight she asked me to tell her a sentence to write. So I said,"The ball is blue." I haven't seen her attempt an enitre sentence so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Not Bad Baby Girl!

Question from a 4 year old.

Here's a little bit of background for parents were divorced when I was one year old. They both remarried by the time I was 5, I am totally cool with it and everyone is happy now. OK-
So here is the conversation I just had with Hannah

H "Why do you call Grandpa, dad?"

Me "He is my daddy."

H "Well what about Pop?" my stepfather

Me "Pop is my daddy too. He is my Stepdad. I am lucky, I have 2 daddies and 2 mommies."

H "How much longer until I can have a stepdad too?"

Should I tell her to go ask her father? Haha

I want to win this!

Go check out this great giveaway at Alas 3 Lads!
Alas 3 Lads
She has teamed up with and the prize is a 16x20 poster of a photo of your choice.
Head on over and enter to win!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My button is working now!

Grab it if you'd like!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is 3 a Crowd?

Lately I have had babies on the brain. I am not sure if it is because so many people around me are pregnant, including one of my very best friends. I see babies in the store and I get "that" feeling, the one where you kinda,sorta,maybe want one more. I find myself thinking, I already have 2, how much more work would one more be? Hannah is almost 5, Camden is 2, if we are ever going to have another one it has to be soon. I don't want my kids to be too far apart in age. Then I start to think,SARAH, are you out of your mind?? Your life is super busy already, you barely have time to shave your legs most days. Money is already tight and this house CAN.NOT. fit one more toy in it, nevermind another little person!
When I rationalize the pros and cons of another child I feel like we could definitely do it. We have been talking about converting the garage into a master bedroom, that would give us so much more space. Yes, it is one more mouth to feed, but really, we could do it. But then I start thinking...right now, things are easy when we are out and about, we have a nice 1:1 parent to child ratio going on for us. We have one boy and one girl, they are both happy, healthy, wonderful children. What more could any parent ask for?
This is obviously not a decision I can make on my own, haha! Lee is pretty much all set with 2, but hasn't ever said "no" to another one. I will admit he is usually the more logical one, and he likes to put things into "perspective" for me when I need it. Right now I am trying to wait out all of these pregnancies around me, maybe my "one more baby" phase will fade out when I see my friends changing stinky diapers and having one sleepless night after another...OR MAYBE NOT. Stay tuned.

Praying for Little Stellan

Please Pray for Stellan, he is in surgery as I write this.

Prayers for Stellan

Monday, April 20, 2009


Could someone/anyone direct me to the place where I can get a button for my blog?
I am having no luck finding a site on my own. Thanks so much!

I Can See Clearly Now...

go ahead...sing along!

We went out to Boston last week for Hannah's 3 month check-up with her pediatric opthamalogist. She was put into bifocals on our last visit in hopes of helping her eyes to focus better when she is reading and writing. (This is becoming more important now that she is beginning to read and write.) We had a GREAT appointment! Her eyes are getting much stronger, they are not crossing when she looks at words on a book or paper and it is looking like she will not need surgery to correct the eye muscle! I am so happy! Her vision is improving so much,we can see that she is not struggling to focus in on things. I think she will be seeing things "normally" and in focus by the time she heads to kindergarten in the fall! YAY!!
The other good news is that she seems to be behaving better now that she can see. Amazing! The poor girl was struggling to see so many things, no wonder she was the temper tantrum queen for 2 years! I am glad we made to decision to travel 2 hours to see a specialist and to get a second opinion, it has made our little girls world a much brighter place!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Are you a blogaholic? Join in!

I just joined this great new site~It looks like a fun place to meet some new bloggy friends! Click on the button and check it out!


Thursday, April 16, 2009


Melissa over at My Little World tagged me in a fun little meme. She has a great little mommy blog, go check her out!

8 Things I am looking forward to:

1.Our trip to the beach this summer.
2.Date night with my hubby tomorrow night.
3.Sleeping in on Sat. morning. (thanks mom!)
4.Hannah's dance recital
6.Pizza and movie night with the kids
7.Hannah finishing preschool
8.Did I mention summer?

8 Things I did yesterday:

1.Drove to Boston
2.Met with Hannah's eye doctor
3.Got great news about her eyes!
4.Ate at Olive Garden
5.Got the kids ice cream cones
7.Called my mom
8.Went to bed early

8 Things I wish I could do:

1.Take the kids to Disney World
2.Go on a second honeymoon with my husband
3.Sell this house
4.Buy a big house
5.Go back to school before I am 30
6.Have an in ground pool
7.Keep my children this age forever
8.Win the lottery

8 Shows I watch:

1.Grey's Anatomy
2.American Idol
3.How I Met Your Mother
4.Dancing with the Stars
5.Private Practice
6.Jon and Kate Plus 8
7.18 kids and counting
8.Hannah Montana...with my Hannah

Now I will tag a few of you!
John Deere Mom

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I was trying to take a picture of Camden eating his ice cream cone, but I had the camera on record. He just kept saying, "CHEESE!". Very Cute!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Let them be little.

I wish I had my camera when I dropped Hannah off at preschool today. (And that it would be ok if I took pictures of others people children to post on my blog.)

We arrived and began our normal drop off routine. Stuff in her cubby and headed into the classroom, I signed her in, she signed herself in and then we went to wash her hands. (They have a wash you hands before touching toys rule) It was only then that I noticed the little girl with the high heels on. By high heels I mean like one inch, on a 4 year old- that is high! They weren't those little princes dress up shoes either! They were black patent-leather heels! A mini version on the ones you might find on, oh maybe Jessica Simpson??
I am guessing her mother thought they were cute and I am sure the little girl loves them, but COME ON! At preschool? On a 4 year old? For real? I even made sure she wasn't playing "dress up" or, these were the shoes she was brought to school in. The teacher noticed me making faces at the shoes (oops) and she then also rolled her eyes.
Call me old fashioned, call me over protective, call me what you want. No child of mine will EVER be wearing black patent-leather heels...anywhere, ever! I try to keep Hannah up to date with the latest fashions, but I also try to make sure she is dressed like a little girl. Hairbows, headbands, fancy hairclips. I let her where dresses and skirts to school almost everyday, but she pairs those dresses with her maryjane stilettos for her!!! Some day she will probably argue with me when I say no to wearing heels to school, but I sure hope that day is in about 10 years and not while she is still learning her ABC'S!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Egg Coloring Fun

I would love to share pictures of my children searching for Easter Eggs at our Easter Egg hunt today. Unfortunately, someone, for got to charge the camera battery. OOPS! So instead here is a peek at our egg coloring fun!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Try It!

I tried something new yesterday. I had been thinking about trying it for a few weeks now. So I went ahead and did it. Afterwards I felt like a LAZY mother.

I went online, no shock there, and ordered my groceries. My "personal shopper" then shopped and bagged my groceries and had them ready for me as I drove up to the front of the store in the designated, "Big Y to Go" area. I gave her my credit card, she scanned it and and then loaded my WEEKS WORTH of groceies into my trunk. The enitre round trip took less than 15 minutes! I didn't have to unload 2 children and force my 2 year old into a cart, I didn't have to listen to Hannah ask for cookies and candy that she KNOWS she cannot have and I didn't forgot ANYTHING! It was so nice. My only job was putting the groceies away at home, which I can totally handle!

I did feel kind of LAZY, and I will not do it every week. But it's been a very busy week and the weekend only get busier. Now I can check the grocery store off of my to-do list and spend some extra time with my family.

The process does cost $10, but when you are spending MUCH MUCH MORE than that on groceries, it is totally worth it. If you have a BIG Y near you, check it out:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Camden said good-bye to his crib and hello
to a BIG BOY race car bed!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wake me up when it's SUNNY!

This is day 2 of rainy, cool weather and it's taking a toll on me. I am just exhausted. I went to bed at 8:30 last night, like fast asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I avoided my impulse to leave the house in my pajamas this morning and forced myself to take a hot shower. I went to Dunkin Donuts and got a LARGE iced coffee. Drank it. I am STILL on the verge of falling asleep sitting up.

What the heck is my problem?

Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and I'll have the energy to post about Camden's new race car bed!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Little Things

It's the little things I miss now that I am a mother of 2.

Shaved Legs-everyday. Most mothers would be lying if they said they got to this task each and every day. On a normal day, I MIGHT have 20 minutes to shower, get dressed and brush my teeth. If I have to choose between shaving my legs or brushing my teeth, the teeth win.

Laying on the couch with a good book. Uninterrupted.

An entire room, free of toys. Even my bedroom, which is supposedly off limits, ends up with a random matchbox car or book on the floor.

There are SO MANY more. But today, these are the things I long for.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Let's just say it was a rough night. Camden was up most of the night, just because. He talked, sang, played and yelled for us. I have no idea what his issue was or why he chose to stay up all night. All I know is I am TIRED and no amount of coffee is going to make up for the 5 or so hours of sleep I missed.


Monday, March 30, 2009

New Things I Cannot Live Without

I have discovered a few new MUST HAVES in my life, so I thought I would share.

drinks2 Pictures, Images and Photos

JERGEN'S Natural Glow Self Tanner
JERGENS Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer Fair Skin Tones (7.5 oz) Used once Pictures, Images and Photos
This stuff is great! It leaves your skin so soft and smooth. It is not an orangey tint and is simple to apply. I have only used a 3 times and I have just a touch of color. LOVE IT!

PANDORA bracelets and beads
pandora bracelet Pictures, Images and Photos
I got the bracelet from my hubby for Valentines Day. I have 5 beads so far, I just love it! I cannot wait to fill my bracelet. Haven't heard of them? Check out the website...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...(or not)

Baseball season.

It is quickly approaching and with it comes a few things that irritate me. So I have compiled a little list of things that bother me about this lovely season...

*** My husband is spending an ENTIRE Saturday in Boston today, for his Fantasy Baseball Draft. He left at 10 am and will return by midnight. I do not understand this fantasy baseball crap. AT ALL.

*** The television is no longer available to me in the evenings. We now get the MLB network, thanks DIRECT TV. We are lucky enough to also have Picture in we can watch NESN and MLB at the same damn time!

*** Men's Over 30 Baseball husband is managing the team this year. So not only does he have games twice a week, plus EVERY.SINGLE.SATURDAY. through the summer, but he is also a pitcher, which means he is always complaining about his shoulder. ugh!

GO RED SOX! (kinda)
Boston Red Sox Pictures, Images and Photos

The one good thing is I can see this lovely face more often!
Mike Lowell Pictures, Images and Photos
Mike Lowell Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The "Binkie" Situation

Camden still has a "binkie"(pacifier)when he sleeps. He is supposed to keep the binkies in his crib until bedtime or naptime. MOST of the time we make sure he follows this rule, if he is sick he can have it if he is laying down and resting. I have made a few attempts at trying to break him of the habit, but honestly haven't put too much effort into it. Maybe it is because he is my baby, maybe it is because he just loves the thing so much or maybe it is because I want to be able to sleep at night. In any case, my goal is to get rid of it in the next few months. But right now I feel like I am doing what is right for him.

Cue... my mother. I love my mom to death, she is my best friend and we get along very well. We rarely have disagreements about things. The binkie is our one little issue. She works for a dentist, she says his teeth are going to be ruined. I say the teeth are fine, I even asked our pediatric dentist, she didn't seemed worried. But EVERY time we are at my moms for naptime she makes a comment about Cam being too big for his binkie. I ignore it as much as I can, but Lee gets angry about it. I tell him to brush it off, that we are doing what we want to do and she is not going to change our minds. But I guess I need to tell my mom to back off...but in a nice, loving way.
RRRRRrrrr...I have being confrontational! Esp. with my mom.

Pacifier Pictures, Images and Photos

Praying for Stellan.

Prayers for Stellan

Please pray for baby Stellan today. He is going through some very serious heart trouble right now. Please click on his picture to go to his mommies blog to see updates on his progess.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monster Trucks and Hairbows

And to think that I let him drive the truck on the wall long enough to get a picture...

Friday, March 20, 2009


About 2 weeks ago I convinced my mother to read:
Twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

I promised her she would not be disappointed. I told her to give it a chance. I agreed with her when she said it was written for younger readers. So she gave it a shot.

This morning she called me and told me she was coming to pick up this:New Moon Pictures, Images and Photos

Tomorrow I am going out to buy this:
Twilight DVD Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pretzels anyone?

Normally when I grocery shop, I go by myself. It it just so much easier to not have a preschooler and toddler with you when you are trying to accomplish...anything. But I have been lazy the last few days since Lee has been off from work and we have been focusing on doing fun family things. This morning was back to work for him and back to reality for the rest of us. So we brought Hannah to preschool and then headed to the grocery store. Camden LOVES Stop and Shop, I really don't know why. He literally squealed with joy when we pulled in to the parking lot. He was SO good in the store but I ended up buying things I had never intended on buying...

1. A Thomas the Train Ball
2. Trix Yogurt...I always buy the Yo-Baby, healthy stuff
3. Pretzels...Lee, Hannah and I don't like them, I hope Camden is planning to eat pretzels for snack for the next,,,oh-month! It's a giant bag!

I know it is my own fault, I should not give in to him. I just REALLY wanted to avoid a grocery store meltdown. I needed to get some groceries and did't have time to leave the store if he had a good ole 2 year-old, kicking and screaming fit.

You of these...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Please take a minute...

Please say a prayer tonight for the L & S familes. A 28 year old mother has lost her 2 year battle with cancer. She leaves behind her husband and 2 year old daughter. Her brother has been a friend of mine since we were in grade school, the poor guy also lost his mother this year to cancer complications.

Sometimes life just doesn't make sense.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

21 Questions answered by Hannah

I have seen these questions going around. You are supposed to have your child answer them. So here are Hannah's answers:

1. What is something Mom always says to you?
Don't say bad things

2. What makes Mom happy?
If I listen to what her says.

3. What makes Mom sad?
If I don't listen

4. How does your Mom make you laugh?
When she does silly things.

5. What was your Mom like as a child?
going to school

6. How old is your Mom?
20 (i wish)

7. How tall is your Mom?
a little bit tall

8. What is Mom's favorite thing to do?
go shopping (she knows me!)

9. What does your Mom do when you're not around?
shop (yup)

10. If your Mom becomes famous, what will it be for?
she will be a rockstar

11. What is your Mom really good at?
playing the Wii Fit

12. What is your Mom not very good at?
MArio Kart

13. What does your Mom do for her job?

14. What is your mom's favorite food?
Cereal (not so much)

15. What makes you proud of your Mom?
If she does things I like

16. If your Mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?
Hannah Montana

17. What do you and your Mom do together?
go to the mall

18. How are you and your Mom the same?
cause we have the same glasses almost

19. How are you and your Mom different?
cause we have different hair

20. How do you know your Mom loves you?
cause she hugs and kisses me

21. Where is your Mom's favorite place to go?
The mall.

I have to say she knows me pretty well!
This was fun!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who Am I Kidding?

I think I have Spring/Summer Fever. (I am only kidding myself though.)

I went to the mall today. I spent way too much money. But my children now each have an entire Spring/Summer wardrobe. You name it, I bought it. Tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, sundresses, bathing suits, hats,sandals, sunglasses and towels. I left the mall feeling great, like summer was near, like I had accomplished something. Then I got home...and realized that we still have TONS of snow and a LONG way to go before summer-BOO!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Girl and her Doll

We brought Hannah to the American Girl Doll store in Natick yesterday. She got her "Julie" Doll for Christmas and I have really been excited to bring her down to the store. So we made the 1 and 1/2 hour trek, it was WELL worth it to see her little face when we were there. She got her dolls ears peirced and picked out a new outfit. She took her time picking out the right outfit, we walked around with boxes in our hands deciding which one she wanted for about an hour.

SHOWING OFF JULIES EARRINGS(even thought you can't see them!)



CHEESE! (blurry,sorry)

It was a fun day, and it was nice to have a special day, just for Hannah. She is growing up too quickly. Kindergarten is approaching way too fast...tear.