Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My terrible horrible no good very bad day!

(Ever read that book to your children? It's a good one!)

Do you ever have a day that just cannot end soon enough? Today is THAT DAY!

3AM: Camden wakes up screaming,"Momma,my ear!"I go into his room to find him burning up and crying in pain. We spend the next 3 hours with him, trying to calm him and settle him down.

6AM: We decide that we all might as well get up, we've been awake for hours! I go to brush my teeth &realize my toothbrush is in the trash bin. GROSS! Hannah claims she had nothing to do with it, I am not so sure. The only extra new toothbrush I can find is a baby toothbrush, so I use it.

The next few hours are a blur of crying toddlers and a cranky preschooler who thinks she isn't getting enough attention!

11:30AM: At the doctor...Camden has a double ear infection. His 3rd ear infection in 5 months.I know it isn't my fault,but I feel so bad!

I know that the pharmacy is very slow so I decide to wait to pick up antibiotics.
Camden is so sick all afternoon, he wants to be held, then wants to be left alone, he's thirsty, he's not...ugh!

4 hours later...I go to pick up the meds and guess what? They still aren't ready! OMG I wanted scream!!! 45 minutes later we left the store with our meds...too bad I forgot to buy myself a toothbrush!

6 PM:I make the kids mac and cheese,b/c it's what they want and I am in no mood to argue with a sick 2 year old and a PMSing 4 year old. I turn around from the table to answer the phone and when I return...Hannah has the macaroni mushed into her glasses!!!
She is seriously this jealous when Cam is sick..anything for attention!

6:30PM: Hannah shows me her glasses,they have a chip in them,WTH!!!! We just got these new lenses on Saturday!

I am so DONE with this day!!


  1. Isn't it always that way? When it rains it pours! I'm with ya on the pharmacies taking forever - what's up with that! I hope tomorrow is better for you and your little ones!

  2. Definitely a downer of a day. It's days like that where I look forward to a glass of wine! Hope tomorrow is better!
    Those ear infections are oldest son went through that!

  3. I hope the ear infection clears up quickly. That one is all too familiar. We have been ear infection free for six months due to tubes. Before it was so frequent. I am sorry about the glasses as well.

    Sending hugs and tomorrow will be better!

  4. I hope today was much better.
    A blog award has been given to you. Come on over to my blog and grab it!

  5. I remember the book fondly.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & helping to make my SITS day special!

  6. I used to have a slow pharmacy too. Then I learned a trick. Stand RIGHT at the counter with your screaming kid. Don't try to shush him...let everyone know how bad he's feeling. Believe will get your meds in NO time! :)