Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pretzels anyone?

Normally when I grocery shop, I go by myself. It it just so much easier to not have a preschooler and toddler with you when you are trying to accomplish...anything. But I have been lazy the last few days since Lee has been off from work and we have been focusing on doing fun family things. This morning was back to work for him and back to reality for the rest of us. So we brought Hannah to preschool and then headed to the grocery store. Camden LOVES Stop and Shop, I really don't know why. He literally squealed with joy when we pulled in to the parking lot. He was SO good in the store but I ended up buying things I had never intended on buying...

1. A Thomas the Train Ball
2. Trix Yogurt...I always buy the Yo-Baby, healthy stuff
3. Pretzels...Lee, Hannah and I don't like them, I hope Camden is planning to eat pretzels for snack for the next,,,oh-month! It's a giant bag!

I know it is my own fault, I should not give in to him. I just REALLY wanted to avoid a grocery store meltdown. I needed to get some groceries and did't have time to leave the store if he had a good ole 2 year-old, kicking and screaming fit.

You of these...


  1. I remember those days! My now 17 year old son wanted a truck he saw in the store when he was about 3. I told him no & put it back. He screamed for the truck at the top of his lungs for the next couple of aisles. The only problem was, he couldn't say truck, so it came out with an F sound at the front instead of the TR sound.

    After about 2 minutes & went back & got him the truck so the other parents would stop pointing & staring at my obscenity screaming toddler!

  2. ha ha! Whatever it takes to get in and out of the store in one piece works for me!

  3. I hate to grocery shop with my three year old, too! We get down the first aisle and she's like, "Are we thru yet?!" Go figure. Anyway, my Baby Girl eats the Trix yogurt and loves it! And I would much rather her eat pretzels than chips...I've been eating some myself lately since I'm dieting! Good to munch on!

  4. Oh, yes! I know those very well.

  5. Stopping by from SITS to say hi!

    I have two girls... they're 6 and 8, and even now I refuse to take them with me to the grocery store! One I can handle... but not both of them!

    Have a good weekend :)