Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is 3 a Crowd?

Lately I have had babies on the brain. I am not sure if it is because so many people around me are pregnant, including one of my very best friends. I see babies in the store and I get "that" feeling, the one where you kinda,sorta,maybe want one more. I find myself thinking, I already have 2, how much more work would one more be? Hannah is almost 5, Camden is 2, if we are ever going to have another one it has to be soon. I don't want my kids to be too far apart in age. Then I start to think,SARAH, are you out of your mind?? Your life is super busy already, you barely have time to shave your legs most days. Money is already tight and this house CAN.NOT. fit one more toy in it, nevermind another little person!
When I rationalize the pros and cons of another child I feel like we could definitely do it. We have been talking about converting the garage into a master bedroom, that would give us so much more space. Yes, it is one more mouth to feed, but really, we could do it. But then I start thinking...right now, things are easy when we are out and about, we have a nice 1:1 parent to child ratio going on for us. We have one boy and one girl, they are both happy, healthy, wonderful children. What more could any parent ask for?
This is obviously not a decision I can make on my own, haha! Lee is pretty much all set with 2, but hasn't ever said "no" to another one. I will admit he is usually the more logical one, and he likes to put things into "perspective" for me when I need it. Right now I am trying to wait out all of these pregnancies around me, maybe my "one more baby" phase will fade out when I see my friends changing stinky diapers and having one sleepless night after another...OR MAYBE NOT. Stay tuned.


  1. I am with you. I really want another baby but the issues are space, money, nerves. We are not preventing it right now, so I guess for us if it happens, it happens!

    You have been tagged over at my blog. Hope you check it out and join in.

  2. Such an incredibly tough choice. However, I can totally relate to where you are coming from.

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, my doctor asked me whether we were going for "man on man defense or full court press." It took me a while to figure out what he meant. :)


  3. lol..I went through that a few years ago...I got a puppy!!

  4. Hmmm...I can't really relate to this post. I am SO done having kids. *knocking on wood*