Monday, April 20, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now...

go ahead...sing along!

We went out to Boston last week for Hannah's 3 month check-up with her pediatric opthamalogist. She was put into bifocals on our last visit in hopes of helping her eyes to focus better when she is reading and writing. (This is becoming more important now that she is beginning to read and write.) We had a GREAT appointment! Her eyes are getting much stronger, they are not crossing when she looks at words on a book or paper and it is looking like she will not need surgery to correct the eye muscle! I am so happy! Her vision is improving so much,we can see that she is not struggling to focus in on things. I think she will be seeing things "normally" and in focus by the time she heads to kindergarten in the fall! YAY!!
The other good news is that she seems to be behaving better now that she can see. Amazing! The poor girl was struggling to see so many things, no wonder she was the temper tantrum queen for 2 years! I am glad we made to decision to travel 2 hours to see a specialist and to get a second opinion, it has made our little girls world a much brighter place!


  1. Hi. Cool blog. I'm from MA too, but live in NH now.

  2. That's great about her vision. I went through that as a child and actually had the eye muscle surgery on BOTH eyes when I was 30 (it got better as a kid then progressively worse - unlucky me!)I was so worried Maggie would inherit my bad vision but so far so good!

    Yeah for seeing!

  3. Such great news! Glad it went well...

  4. Tater Bug's eyes don't cross when he has his glasses on, but as soon as they come off, they are majorly crossed. He is 3 now and my biggest concern is reading and writing. We have been seeing a pediatric opthamalogist for almost two years now. I think they do a much better job! Glad she is doing better!