Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The "Binkie" Situation

Camden still has a "binkie"(pacifier)when he sleeps. He is supposed to keep the binkies in his crib until bedtime or naptime. MOST of the time we make sure he follows this rule, if he is sick he can have it if he is laying down and resting. I have made a few attempts at trying to break him of the habit, but honestly haven't put too much effort into it. Maybe it is because he is my baby, maybe it is because he just loves the thing so much or maybe it is because I want to be able to sleep at night. In any case, my goal is to get rid of it in the next few months. But right now I feel like I am doing what is right for him.

Cue... my mother. I love my mom to death, she is my best friend and we get along very well. We rarely have disagreements about things. The binkie is our one little issue. She works for a dentist, she says his teeth are going to be ruined. I say the teeth are fine, I even asked our pediatric dentist, she didn't seemed worried. But EVERY time we are at my moms for naptime she makes a comment about Cam being too big for his binkie. I ignore it as much as I can, but Lee gets angry about it. I tell him to brush it off, that we are doing what we want to do and she is not going to change our minds. But I guess I need to tell my mom to back off...but in a nice, loving way.
RRRRRrrrr...I have being confrontational! Esp. with my mom.

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  1. I had to "wean" my dd off the binkie because she was pulling her fine fuzzy hair out with it. Basically it was there one day...and all gone the next. It went really well, except when she would see a video or picture of herself with

    IMHO it's best to break those kinds of habits early...maybe no problem with the teeth now..but there will be trouble. Besides, kids need to learn to sooth themselves...and it may be rough on you for a bit...but I am sure that you can handle it!!

  2. I totally get it. We got rid of my sons when he started to crawl/walk. Couldnt stand seeing a child that wasn't a baby with a suckie. HOWEVER I wanted to sleep. He woke up during the night alot and it sucked! Good luck to you. Your baby will be the only one who knows how this will play out. As far as Mom goes just jokingly tell her "back off Ma, Its my kid" in a funny Boston accent voice and maybe she will think your joking but get it that you are done with her comments.

    Good Luck


  3. My daughter is 2 and still uses her pacifier at bedtime and when she's sick. She calls it her "me" and she loves it. My grandfather was an orthodontist and he encouraged me to use the pacifier - said it was much better for a child's teeth than if they start sucking a thumb, and in the long run a much easier habit to break!

    Best of luck if you decide to get rid of it, I'd like to hear your tips! :)

  4. Stopping by from SITS!
    My son only uses a paci when he's teething. He never took one when he was a baby and now only takes it when he's needing to chomp down on something.
    Anyhoo - I've read that when a child gets old enough plan a pacifier going away party! You tie the pacifier to a balloon and let it go into the sky. When they ask about them, you can say the babies in heaven need pacifiers.

  5. Oh && your blog layout is totally cute!

  6. I have a very similar mom in an OB/GYN nurse but used to be an L&D nurse and thinks she knows all there is to know about babies. I get grief from her all the time about little things that my pedi is like "no that's fine". Gotta love moms!

  7. How old is Camden? Isn't he still little? Little Miss took a paci for.ever. The summer before she turned 3 we finally went cold turkey. We had a baby in the family that she was in love with. I told her the baby didn't have any pacis. Claire bagged all of them up and we took them right over to the baby. It was a little rough the first night, but it went much better than I expected. (Oh, and you can tell your mom her teeth are fine! :)

  8. Well you know I'm wishing you good luck because we are just trying to break the day habit. Loved the cartoon - do they sell those anywhere?? LOL