Monday, April 13, 2009

Let them be little.

I wish I had my camera when I dropped Hannah off at preschool today. (And that it would be ok if I took pictures of others people children to post on my blog.)

We arrived and began our normal drop off routine. Stuff in her cubby and headed into the classroom, I signed her in, she signed herself in and then we went to wash her hands. (They have a wash you hands before touching toys rule) It was only then that I noticed the little girl with the high heels on. By high heels I mean like one inch, on a 4 year old- that is high! They weren't those little princes dress up shoes either! They were black patent-leather heels! A mini version on the ones you might find on, oh maybe Jessica Simpson??
I am guessing her mother thought they were cute and I am sure the little girl loves them, but COME ON! At preschool? On a 4 year old? For real? I even made sure she wasn't playing "dress up" or, these were the shoes she was brought to school in. The teacher noticed me making faces at the shoes (oops) and she then also rolled her eyes.
Call me old fashioned, call me over protective, call me what you want. No child of mine will EVER be wearing black patent-leather heels...anywhere, ever! I try to keep Hannah up to date with the latest fashions, but I also try to make sure she is dressed like a little girl. Hairbows, headbands, fancy hairclips. I let her where dresses and skirts to school almost everyday, but she pairs those dresses with her maryjane stilettos for her!!! Some day she will probably argue with me when I say no to wearing heels to school, but I sure hope that day is in about 10 years and not while she is still learning her ABC'S!


  1. I'm with ya on this! It is one thing to be a stylish little girl - another to be a little girl in big girl outfits!

  2. OMGoodness! I would have loved to have seen a pic of those shoes!

  3. Wow. I can't even imagine sending my child to preschool in heels! I'm sure they were cute, but seriously! They grow up too fast as it is... Why rush it?

  4. Oh, my! I hate to ask what's next??

  5. Amen, Lady!! I was a preschool teacher (pre-babies) and had a number of little girls that would arrive sporting mini-heel or clothing in which they weren't "allowed" to get messy! Can't we just let the kids be kids! Good for you for standing up for childhood!

  6. That is madness!! No way would I let my daughter wear heels like that to school!