Friday, January 2, 2009

Lunchtime Madness

Camden has been sick for 6 days, up all night coughing and a nose running like a faucet. Needless to say we are all exhausted from lack of sleep. So today we decided the kids would eat an early lunch and EVERYONE would have a nap.
Lee made soup and we sat the kids down. Hannah had to have her YELLOW bowl, its the only bowl she will eat soup from, no idea why. She also had to have an ice cube in it...and a straw. (Apparently you cannot eat soup any other way when you are 4.) Camden is usually prety easy at mealtime, not today! Lee gave hin his dish and he threw it back at him, landing a bowl of soup all over the floor, high chair and both boys. Well, we cleaned up the mess and I gave Camden a little "lecture" on throwing our food, like he cares! Hannah also added in, "Well if you would just behave Cam..." Oh brother!
...Not 5 minutes later I turn to see Hannah with her bowl on her lap....Clean up #2!

So now while the kids and Lee lay down for a nap, I will mop the dining room floor, clean the high chair and throw the clothes with soup all over them in the laundry. I should be finished just in time for Hannah to wake up saying she hungry b/c she didn't eat her soup...

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  1. Oh my, your house sounds like mine some days! :) I don't know why I get so upset when 4 year old spills, but I think it's partially due to the fact that we now have the baby and HE'S the one who should making messes....aaahhh! Mommyhood. You reminded me though, I need to go get some laundry done. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the compliment on the kids...their looks are DECEIVING! :)